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X Cricket Games

Разработчик Arsh

This App has a large collection of real-life like Cricket gamesGet cricket fields and the most famous cricket grounds right onto your mobile device
These virtual cricket games will help you develop your bowling, batting, and fielding skills
Play endless hours of cricket with these games without the sweating and toiling under the sun
This is a great chance for you to play against the best players and teams and win them over like a batting or bowling wizard
Some of the games here will help you practice batting and bowling in the virtual nets
These games will teach you to know the right timing and angle of every shot to get maximum scores
Thrive in the art of pinch hitting and score the required runs within limited number of balls
Give a thrilling win to your team by your amazing shots in a super over
Or, thrash the stumps behind a batsman to prevent him from scoring required runs in a super over
Get this Free App and test your shoulder strength by hard hitting the ball out of the stadium!